A Holistic Approach to Child and Adolescent Development

Whether your child is in need of social-emotional development support or an academic tutor, we provide individualized strategies unique to each child’s needs.

supporting social development

Adolescence is a trying time for teens and adults alike. We offer parent education series and social circle groups to support the development of kind, empowered, and confident teenagers.

Academic Enrichment & Intervention

Whether in need of enrichment or intervention, we design tailored plans to meet the needs of your child. Each child has his or her own strengths – we work together to further develop those strengths while supporting growth in areas of challenge.

Secondary School & College Prep

Depending on what type of preparation your family seeks, we will take you through the necessary steps for success. This includes secondary and college admissions exams as well as any application, placement test and writing requirements.

Tina Melendez

During her 11 years of classroom and one-on-one tutoring experience, Tina has recognized that a student’s success is directly related to his or her own motivation to succeed. Tina works with her students to identify focus areas and to help each student devise a personal plan that is both appropriate and self-driven, ensuring ownership and success. Tina believes that with the right resources, each student can maximize his or her own learning. She works diligently to make education enjoyable, developing a love of learning and a desire for life-long growth and development.

In June 2017, Tina made the decision to leave the classroom in order to take on the new challenge of working with parents and educators to assist in the social-emotional development of adolescents in our growing digital world.

Outside of education, Tina has her 200-hour yoga teacher-training certificate and spends time with her daughter. Tina graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and political science and a master’s degree in secondary education. She also holds an Education Leadership certificate from The University of New England.

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Meredith Rice


The 2017-18 school year marks Meredith’s 11th year in the classroom. With a diversified career in education, Meredith has taught and worked one-on-one with students ranging from ages 6-18 in New York City, Washington D.C., Quito, Ecuador, and finally right here in Bethesda, MD. Meredith is working towards a certification as a Reading Specialist and as a teacher and tutor, Meredith specializes in the instruction and support of reading comprehension skills and strategies as well as all genres and levels of writing–inclusive of college essay writing. Additionally, Meredith does intensive work with students who have test taking needs, from the Secondary School Admissions Tests through College prep and the SAT/ACT exams.

Outside the classroom, Meredith is excited to help not only students but also parents and educators in the ongoing work of true holistic education and social-emotional development in the growing digital age.

In her spare time, Meredith loves traveling and languages and is a marathon runner; she also loves trying out new recipes in the kitchen! Meredith graduated from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in English, and from The George Washington University with a master’s degree in Secondary Education. Meredith currently works as a middle school English teacher and Middle School Advisory Program Coordinator at Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda, MD.

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  • Tina recognizes the importance of having parents be involved in their child’s learning. She does not hesitate to communicate with parents and continues to keep them informed of their child’s progress.
  • I learned so much math, but I also learned that learning can be extremely fun and that I am able to be a great math student when I push myself.
  • She was extremely helpful to us ... in understanding our son’s accomplishments and challenges. She impressed us with her perception, insight, intuition, empathy, and mature judgement.

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